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More Than Words offers unique & meaningful gifts! Designer Jewelry lines: Pandora, Ayala Bar, Waxing Poetic, Holly Yashi. We're known for our exclusive line of framed calligraphy quotes designed by owner, Lee Ann McGhee. More Than Words is a bright & colorful 5,000 sq. ft gift shop that provides a magical atmosphere, a friendly & helpful staff, inspirational, meaningful, and fun gifts to give your friends and family or just to pamper yourself. Store Hours M-F 10-7/Sun 1-5 Call us Toll Free - 877-344-5092

5 Questions for Calligraphy Expert, LeeAnn McGhee

Lee AnnTell me about your calligraphy. How did you learn to write like this? 

LA-  “I took a Lettering class at BIOLA University in California and then chose to take 3 Art Seminars afterward to learn more. These seminars were 1 semester long with private coaching in the art field of choice. I was the first to choose calligraphy. I was fascinated with the ancient scribe’s manuscripts, the age old art of calligraphy, pen and ink. My instructor taught me how to incorporate art, gold leaf and borders into my quotes. We studied letters, words and the skills involved in communicating words and ideas through art.”

When did you first decide to make it a living?

LA-  “While I was still in college, I began selling framed quotes & scriptures on consignment to gift stores in Memphis. I freelanced everything from addressing wedding invitations to creating a replica of the Declaration of Independence. When my kids were little I began a home-based business. I showed my framed calligraphy in home shows and gift shows. I personalized ornaments, house blessings, and took special requests. Then, one day I decided to place an ad in Country Living Magazine inciting wholesale inquiries. To my amazement, I was overwhelmed with orders that sold to retail stores nationwide, then as far as Japan! I had daily UPS pick up at my house and worked when the kids were at Mothers Day Out.”

I’ve noticed you have framed calligraphy fitting for all occasions. Where do you find inspiration for these quotes?

LA-  “I began collecting quotes in high school from various sources. When I came across one I liked, I’d write it down in a journal. Also, as I would read through scripture, certain meaningful verses would speak to me. The desire to express them in an art form began to grow, so people could put in their homes for daily encouragement. That’s what brings me the greatest joy. It’s my passion to create gifts that inspire others through the written word.”

What’s the top selling framed calligraphy among More Than Words Customers?

LA:  “There are three that go back & forth. Inspirational seems to sell the most.”

“Friends are the family we choose for ourselves.”

“May the presence of friends, the joy of laughter and the making of treasured memories fill this home.”

“Every experience God gives us, every person He puts in our lives is the perfect preparation for the future that only He can see.”

-Corrie ten Boom, The Hiding Place

What’s your personal favorite? 

Jeremiah 29:11. What an awesome reminder that God is the Blessed Controller of our lives, and that He lovingly has our best interest at heart!



Trunk Show Featuring Handcrafted and Custom Jewelry with Live Demonstrations

Visit us during our Trunk Show September 27-30 featuring our popular jewelry lines Waxing Poetic, Lenny & Eva, Precious Metal Prints, and 6:21 Treasures. Each line offers a distinctive style of customizable jewelry all handcrafted in the U.S.

You can preview the new fall collections, order custom pieces, receive free gifts with purchase, and register to win incredible jewelry pieces.

Local artist Cindi Pope will create hand stamped custom pieces during the Trunk Show. Pope recycles found antique objects to create jewelry that reflects her personal walk with God and a love of artistic originality.

“I want each treasure that I make to have a special meaning and be loved by the person who wears it,” Cindi says of her designs.

English teacher-turned-designer Kellie Fitzpatrick of Lenny & Eva creates her versatile statement pieces in Cookville, TN. Each genuine leather bracelet has clips for interchangeable brass plates. The vintage-inspired “sentiment” plates feature motivational words and quotes that become a personal work of art.

Waxing Poetic’s modern-traditional designs are reminiscent of ancient sealing wax methods. The process involves pouring sterling silver into molds and then stamping with symbols or initials to create one-of-a-kind commemorative jewelry.

“I have my children’s names and birth dates on my Waxing Poetic necklace. It helps me feel close to them every day,” shared Lee Ann McGhee, owner of More Than Words. “They are beautiful and quite the conversation piece.”

You can also bring a child or loved one along to create an impression of their fingerprint. Precious Metal Prints will design a custom necklace or set of cufflinks with the fingerprint immortalized forever. The process may also be done at home and sent off.

The Trunk Show is an opportunity to experience a variety of artistic styles in handcrafted jewelry. “Everyone seems to be able to find something that reflects their own unique personality and perspective on life,” says McGhee.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Let’s Hear It For the Boys Part Part II: Choosing Jewelry

[This post is Part II in a two-part gift guide series for guys. Part I was all about how to to choose a gift she’ll love.]

Caroline Faquin, PANDORA and Ayala Bar Specialist

Caroline Faquin

Jewelry can be some of the most personal items a woman owns. Most pieces will have a story behind it that she will love to tell each time she receives a compliment on her necklace or earrings. We talked with Caroline Fauqin, PANDORA and Ayala Bar Specialist at More Than Words to learn more about how to choose the just the right jewelry for the woman in your life.

Caroline, why do you think jewelry means so much to a woman?

Jewelry helps a woman express who she is. The jewelry she wears brings out her inner beauty and makes her feel special. Since it doesn’t fade away like flowers, for example, she can find joy in each piece for years to come. For many women, jewelry is also a way to commemorate special moments in life like a new baby or even surviving cancer.

Do you have any tips on how to go about choosing jewelry for someone?

Think of her interests and personality. Sometimes you can find something with a charm or bead that incorporates those interests. Notice the kind of jewelry she wears and note the style, color, and size. A salesperson can then help you find options in a similar style. And, as always, listen in for any hints or suggestions she makes!

What kinds of questions do you often get when someone comes into the shop looking for something special?

Many people are concerned with whether something will stay in style or if it is more of a trendy piece. Classic pieces are always a great investment, however we also have plenty of trendier lines for the fashion forward. We also get asked about our free gift wrap and our return policy, which is 30 days for an exchange or store credit on regular items.

Ayala Bar Cross Necklace

Ayala Bar cross necklace from the Spring 2012 collection.

What are your favorite jewelry lines here at More Than Words and why do you love them?

Ayala Bar Jewelry, which is beautifully handcrafted in Israel, has a large selection of colors and styles available, so it can go with anything. Their slogan is “Jewelry as Art,” and that is really very true. Ayala Bar just completes your outfit and makes it more beautiful. An unforgettable moment is something special to every woman, and so I also love PANDORA. You can always find something to fit any budget, whether one bead or a 14K gold bracelet. They really have something for every special moment in a woman’s life.

Thanks Caroline for answering all our questions! You can always come by and ask for Caroline for help selecting jewelry for your loved one!

[The opinions expressed here belong to Caroline and should not be attributed to PANDORA or Ayala Bar in any way.]

Let’s Hear It for the Boys Part I: Choosing a Gift for Her

[This post is Part I in a two-part gift guide series for guys. Part II will be all about how to surprise her with jewelry she’ll love.]

Have you ever felt completely lost picking out a gift for the woman in your life? Ever wanted to choose the perfect gift without having to ask for a wish list? We can help you choose just the right thing.

Five Tips for Choosing the Right Gift for Your Gal

1. Find out her favorite shade.
Take a look around her home and see what colors she tends to decorate with most often – they are likely her favorites! If you’re still completely in the dark when it comes to color selection, you really can’t go wrong with a color that occurs in nature, or earth tone. We enjoy these lovely shades all day anyway!

Bright Clock

This clock will definitely be noticed on any wall with its vibrant shades of red and blue.

Glass frame by Diane Markin

Diane Markin’s unique, handcrafted glass frames are truly works of art.

handmade pottery

Beautiful pottery in rich earth tones are guaranteed to please.

2. Match her personality.
Vivacious and outspoken? She might enjoy something with a snappy, humorous quote. Quiet, introspective ladies may prefer something understated but beautiful, like a journal to record her thoughts. For the family-loving and sentimental, a custom piece of jewelry with a loved one’s fingerprints would be very thoughtful.

Curly Girl Paris canvas

“I often daydream that my life is just as it is now… Only I have well behaved hair and I live in Paris.”

Peacock Journal

When written in a beautiful journal, your thoughts are worth far more than a penny.

Precious Metals Prints products

Precious Metals Prints captures a loved one’s fingerprints and turns them into beautiful pieces of art.

3. Be romantic without having to say a word.
Food is the way to a man’s heart, and words are the way to a woman’s. Put a favorite photo of you and your sweetie in a frame that expresses your love. If images aren’t your style, calligraphy can express what’s in your heart. Or, select an modern piece of wall art to make a truly bold statement.

Wedding picture frame

Celebrate your love with this fairytale ending frame.

Framed calligraphy

“Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be.” -Robert Browning.

wall art canvas

Modern wall art makes a bold statement.

4. Go for humor with a touch of class.
Women love funny guys. Bringing humor into your gift is great as long as it still makes her feel special. There’s a bit of whimsy in something like a hand painted martini glass or a “redneck goblet.” Anything with an artistic quip is also a great addition to the home of a woman who loves a good joke.

hand painted martini glass

This hand painted martini glass says Happy Birthday in a whole new way.

Redneck Goblet

We think tea tastes sweetest when you drink it from a redneck goblet or a hillbilly highball.

Curly Girl kitchen towel with quote

“A good cook knows that it’s not what is on the table that matters, it’s what is in the chairs.” Great quote for the home chef that delights in serving her family delicious meals!

5. Update the everyday.
Out with the old and in with the new! Brightening up those little things we use everyday can a make big difference. Something like a new keychain, unique throw pillow, or cool kitchen towels can really make a woman’s day. Little gifts like this really show her that you were thinking of her and make great “just because” gifts!

keep calm burlap tote bag

This burlap tote bag would be a welcome replacement for those tired plastic sacks from the grocery store.

modern print throw pillow

Celebrate womanhood with this truly unique throw pillow – “She knew that she was worth far more than rubies.”

ornate serving utensils

Update some of her tableware with a new set of serving utensils.

Armed with these five tips and individual help anytime at the shop, you’ll be a gift-giving powerhouse. Stay tuned for Part II of our “For the Boys” series where we learn how to pick out just the right piece of jewelry from Caroline, our PANDORA and Ayala Bar Specialist.

Blowout Jewelry Sale!

A huge selection of jewelry is now 50% off to make room exciting NEW ARRIVALS! Not only can you buy some of those pieces you’ve been eying at a huge discount, but you will also get to pick a FREE pair of earrings from our selection at checkout when you buy $50 of sale jewelry. Now that’s a bargain!

In Honor of the London Olympics

The Olympics seem to bring out the patriot in everyone as we carefully track our country’s medal count and cheer on our favorite athletes. Since the Games are in jolly London this summer, we’ve become pretty obsessed with all things British. Two of our favorite things right now are the PANDORA national icon charms that commemorate all things English.

Pandora National Icons - Double Decker Bus of LondonEven if Pride and Prejudice made you long for a carriage ride with a handsome and mysterious English lord, a trip in the iconic double-decker bus could be a very cute replacement for that dream. The red double-decker buses appeared in the 1950s to replace the carriages that passengers once sat atop as they traveled. Now tourists and commuters can enjoy the same view in a much more modern way!

Pandora National Icons Big Ben of London

Like the little red buses, Big Ben is truly a symbol of London. The massive clock watches over the city from the Palace of Westminster and announces the time with the largest four-faced chimes in the world. Construction of Big Ben was completed in 1858 and it has been an English national icon ever since.

These national icon selections are a great choice for the die-hard Olympic fan, anyone with fond memories of a trip to England, or a dreamer who wants to keep their goal of traveling abroad in their heart forever.

Shhh.. don’t tell the Brits, but just in case you did not stay up all night to watch the Royal Wedding, we still have PANDORA national icons for you!

Representing the United States is the Statue of Liberty, a symbol of freedom and opportunity.

Pandora National Icons Statue of Liberty of USA

Francophiles can show off their love of Paris and all things français with the Eiffel Tower charm.

Pandora National Icons Eiffel Tower of Paris

For history buffs there is the Brandenburg Gate, constructed to represent peace and located in Berlin, Germany.

Pandora National Icons Berlin Brandenburg Gate in Germany

La Sagrada Familia is the unfinished basilica in Barcelona, Spain. Under construction since 1882, the church is truly a wonder of architecture with 18 towers of the most intricate and unique designs imaginable reaching up to 560 feet.

Pandora National Icons La Sagrada Familia Barcelona Spain

Dreaming of a Roman holiday? Try the Colosseum charm, designed after the wonder that symbolizes the power and prestige of the Roman Empire.

Pandora National Icons Coliseum Rome Italy

These charms represent dreams, memories, and show how connected we all are around the world. Tell us the story of your national icon charm… Leave us a comment below or post your story on Facebook now!

The Back-to-School List for College

It’s that time of year again, the season of packing bags, gathering photographs, and finding the things that will put a stylish touch on the semesters to come. Whether you’re shopping for a loved one or for your own dorm room, these items are sure to please the college-bound this semester.

Wooden Keychain with Ribbon

Hear a joyful jingle with every step when you put your new dorm room keys on one of these happy wooden keychains. Colorful and finished with ribbon, it’s a real stylish touch for your pocket!

Unique Chalkboard To Do List

Throw out the Post-It Notes and keep up with your schedule on this artistic chalkboard instead. Chalk included!

SEC College Emblem and Mascot Tissues

In case of homesickness, stock up on these SEC tissue boxes to add some collegiate class to your space.

Colorful flower college or camp shower caddy

Every girl needs stylish organization for her daily beauty routine. This colorful flower shower caddy is the answer!

StudioBE Cindy Wunsch Happy Birds Painting

Remind yourself of positive living with a chic addition to your four walls. There are so many unique pieces all around the store you will certainly find something to suit your own positive outlook on life!

Women's cap with crocheted flower

Let’s be honest… a girl can’t always look her best after pulling an all-nighter. This cap puts a cool boho twist on collegiate style for just those types of mornings.

Notebook with Keep Calm and Have a Cupcake

Hang onto these words of wisdom when the demands of papers and tests send stress your way. We also have lots of cool pens in the store, from fun and crazy to simply beautiful.


As many leave home next month to begin another adventure, we want to leave you with this quote from Oh, the Places You’ll Go by the famous Dr. Seuss:

“You’re off to Great Places!
Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting,
So… get on your way!”