In Honor of the London Olympics

The Olympics seem to bring out the patriot in everyone as we carefully track our country’s medal count and cheer on our favorite athletes. Since the Games are in jolly London this summer, we’ve become pretty obsessed with all things British. Two of our favorite things right now are the PANDORA national icon charms that commemorate all things English.

Pandora National Icons - Double Decker Bus of LondonEven if Pride and Prejudice made you long for a carriage ride with a handsome and mysterious English lord, a trip in the iconic double-decker bus could be a very cute replacement for that dream. The red double-decker buses appeared in the 1950s to replace the carriages that passengers once sat atop as they traveled. Now tourists and commuters can enjoy the same view in a much more modern way!

Pandora National Icons Big Ben of London

Like the little red buses, Big Ben is truly a symbol of London. The massive clock watches over the city from the Palace of Westminster and announces the time with the largest four-faced chimes in the world. Construction of Big Ben was completed in 1858 and it has been an English national icon ever since.

These national icon selections are a great choice for the die-hard Olympic fan, anyone with fond memories of a trip to England, or a dreamer who wants to keep their goal of traveling abroad in their heart forever.

Shhh.. don’t tell the Brits, but just in case you did not stay up all night to watch the Royal Wedding, we still have PANDORA national icons for you!

Representing the United States is the Statue of Liberty, a symbol of freedom and opportunity.

Pandora National Icons Statue of Liberty of USA

Francophiles can show off their love of Paris and all things français with the Eiffel Tower charm.

Pandora National Icons Eiffel Tower of Paris

For history buffs there is the Brandenburg Gate, constructed to represent peace and located in Berlin, Germany.

Pandora National Icons Berlin Brandenburg Gate in Germany

La Sagrada Familia is the unfinished basilica in Barcelona, Spain. Under construction since 1882, the church is truly a wonder of architecture with 18 towers of the most intricate and unique designs imaginable reaching up to 560 feet.

Pandora National Icons La Sagrada Familia Barcelona Spain

Dreaming of a Roman holiday? Try the Colosseum charm, designed after the wonder that symbolizes the power and prestige of the Roman Empire.

Pandora National Icons Coliseum Rome Italy

These charms represent dreams, memories, and show how connected we all are around the world. Tell us the story of your national icon charm… Leave us a comment below or post your story on Facebook now!


Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a day of remembrance of our fallen soldiers. Originally it was known as Decoration Day because of the flowers placed on every soldiers grave. It is a day to bring people together to honor those who have fought for our country. We are PROUD to be an American!

As we all know many, many other family traditions have stemmed from this National Holiday! Bar-b-queing & boat rides on the lake are a couple of our favorites. Ladies be sure you have a cute koozie and matching cover-up & bag this weekend!

Wicker Flower Bag $56.95, Watercolor Cover-up $48.95

Transitioning your look from day to night

It seems like in these summer months we have more obligations and parties to attend to than any other time of year. AND they are usually all over the city so going home for a quick change is out of the question. Here are some tips to be day and evening ready!

1. Get a cute tote like this one to carry your extra shoes, makeup, jewelry, etc.

2. Wear your favorite sundress. Be sure to pick one that is comfortable, light and doesn’t show sweat marks! (A natural fabric such as cotton or linen)

3. During the day wear flats but at night put on those cute peep toe pumps to spice up your sundress.

4. Makeup- For your day time event apply browns and bronzes with some light pink blush as well as light lip gloss. At night pump it up by applying charcoals and a darker blush, with a deeper lipstick or gloss.

5. Minimal jewelry during the day is best such as a watch, ring and dainty necklace. For your evening affair get a little flashy!- Add some bangles and a chunky necklace or earrings. Don’t want to change your jewelry between day and night? Try one of our number one selling jewelry lines, Ayala Bar, made in Israel. This designer has made her pieces flexible with any outfit at any time of day.

6. Be sure to protect your skin with 30 SPF sun block!

7. Lastly show your hostess/host how much you appreciate them for inviting you with a small gift!

We hope these help you get through the Saturday that is jam packed with birthday parties, wedding showers and date night!


Women’s Basball Hats!

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It’s HOT!

Here comes the Memphis summer… and It’s HOT! But have no fear we will get you pool ready! Pick up a pool bag, cooler, towel, flip flops and a cover up all in one swoop! The towels come in a matching bag and make a great gift! Luckily we have the air cranked so shopping will feel like a breeze.